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Learn Data Science – My Journey Begins Here


Why do I want to learn data science? For the past five years, I have worked a lot with PowerPoint. I have presented and pitched for management teams at different levels and in different parts of the world. Common to all my presentations is that they are becoming increasingly data-driven. The business community today demands that we work more data-driven. I am relatively good at presenting and understandably visualizing data, but my big problem is having to enlist the help of data scientists to obtain the data itself.

Due to this, I have decided that for a year, I will invest in learning data science. I’m not quite sure how to go about it, but I have started to explore different possibilities and ways. In this article, I will describe how I will work to learn data science in the coming months.

Why I Must Learn Data Science

As I write in the introduction, I have an increasing need to learn data science. The big reason is that I want to be less dependent on database administrators and other data scientists. I work for a company with +1,000 employees, and our Business Intelligence and Data Science departments always have a lot to do.

When a data need arises for me, I sometimes have to wait a week or sometimes more, to get a data extract or a database connection. Once I receive data, I have sometimes moved on to other analyzes, or the need has disappeared. What if I could dig into our databases myself, and just when my need arises, be able to retrieve correct data? This is my goal with this project to learn data science.

What’s My Progress so far?

How should I learn data science? Yes, this is the big question. I have evaluated a few different options for learning data science:

  1. Books
  2. University courses
  3. Video courses, such as Udemy
  4. “Learn by Doing” methods, such as Datacamp and Dataquest.

I have tried to learn to code using e-books and physical books, but it has never really been my thing. I often get very excited in the beginning but quickly lose focus and put the book away.

I actually started an online course at HarvardX, which was really exciting and rewarding! It is very similar to classic university courses where you first go to a lecture for 90 minutes and then do assignments at home. The problem for me is that this takes too long and places high demands on me to sit and watch lectures for several hours at a time. This way of learning does not work for me. I need to study more on the go.

Image source: https://harvardmagazine.com/

That’s why Udemy should be the perfect medium for me to learn data science, right? I have tested Udemy and have, among other things, learned the basics of Tableau there. This method worked very well for me. I had Udemy on one screen, and Tableau on another screen, replicating everything the teacher did. But, to be completely honest, this got a little boring after a while, and I often miss exercises on the courses at Udemy.

Image Souce: https://www.udemy.com/

Therefore, I have now decided which approach to learn data science I should have. I have registered on a “learn by doing” platform, namely DataQuest. Why DataQuest?

There are 5-10 larger platforms that specialize in this approach. They have minimal videos, sometimes none at all, and let you code all the time yourself. The differences between the platforms are often minimal. Some focus more on specific code languages ​​or career paths, while others have a different focus. I have looked at lots of reviews on youtube, but I finally decided on DataQuest because a colleague is working on their “Data Analyst in Python” track, and he’s pleased with this.

Image Souce: https://www.dataquest.io/

Okay, What is the Next Step?

I have decided. I will learn data science in Python, and more specifically, I will go for the track “Data Analyst in Python” on DataQuest.io. My idea is that I should continuously write about my progress with the course, mostly to keep myself motivated, and to be able to help and inspire others.

I just registered a free account on dataquest.io, and I plan to spend about an hour a day on the site. As I said, I will share my journey towards learning data science here. I hope I will complete the whole course – keep your fingers crossed for me.

Disclaimer: The image is from dataquest.io, thus it’s not my current progress. Image Souce: https://www.dataquest.io/

I have no connection to dataquest.io; no one pays me to write my articles. All opinions I express are my own, no one else’s. There may be affiliate links in my articles, but this does not affect my opinions.


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