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Most people think that PowerPoint is a necessary evil that takes a lot of time and always gets ugly – I like the contrary! I love PowerPoint, it saves me a lot of time and my presentations are usually very nice (in my opinion anyway).

During my studies and in my work, I have created +10,000 slides. I have presented to professors, schoolmates, colleagues, and senior decision-makers – with great success. Exercise provides skills, I want to use my skills to teach you how to become proficient at PowerPoint and thus be more efficient in your studies or work.

Check out my articles and tutorials here at yourslidebuddy.com or my channel on YouTube for more detailed video tutorials. Do you have something you want me to rewrite or publish a video about? Please contact me, and we will solve it!

Your Slide Buddy – PREMIUM

Did you know that we offer PowePoint as a Service? We provide a range of services related to PowerPoint, and we tailor packages to your needs. It does not matter if you are a student or a manager – we have something for everyone. Contact us and we’ll talk more!